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Feb 3, 2011

An Urgent Appeal for Egypt

from the ELCA:

Pray for a peaceful solution that benefits all in Egypt

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During these tumultuous times in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East, Christians are called, as always, to offer prayers and action for justice and peace, to speak for those whose voices are muted, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. The uprising in Egypt draws our attention, not only because the scenes are mesmerizing, which they are, and not only because events there affect us here, which they do, but because our neighbors, God's children, are suffering and we are called to be the hands, feet and voice of Christ, reaching out with hope and help.
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from Sojourners:

Protester sign that reads "Stand with Egypt"In the past few days, we have all watched the nonviolent protest in Egypt with prayer and anticipation. We have seen the hope of a young generation trying to bring democratic change to their country. But now, the streets have turned violent, with armed thugs attacking peaceful protesters.

The faith community in the United States needs to support our brothers and sisters standing up for their rights and their freedoms in Egypt.

Tell President Obama: Now is the time for you to call for the immediate resignation of President Mubarak, and to support all efforts to keep the protesters safe.

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