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Oct 17, 2016

Self-Help for Activists + Peace Education for Teens: Two Noteworthy Tools

Is self-help something that activists are asking for these days? And what kind of peace education are we talking about for teenagers?

The two resources below will give you a wealth of “ah!” and “aha!” moments. There are so many approaches and ideas you can draw from for your own setting.

In the Tiger's Mouth: An Empowerment Guide for Social Action is a classic by Katrina Shields published in 1993. And it’s still the best step-by-step, practical guide I've ever seen for building sustainable organizations, groups, and activist lives. Newer activists will welcome the training to build their inner resources and effectiveness. Seasoned activists will be heartened by the advice on dealing with stress, preventing burnout, coping with bad news, developing accountability, and supporting allies and workmates. I loved the line drawings too, with their sense of humor. This book is a rare gem. And in the spirit of the “simplicity movement,” it reminds us to hone in on essentials.

Learning to Live Together is an intercultural, interfaith program for nurturing values and spirituality for young people 12 to 18 years old. LTLT also helps children to appreciate diversity and respect others. It's been used successfully in over 30 countries, including in conflict-ridden contexts; e.g. in Israel with young Jewish, Christian and Muslim Israelis aged 15-17. A charming 4-minute video explains more at Follow the thread from “What We Do” to “Learning to Live Together” and “LTLT Documents,” to find manuals in various languages that can be viewed or downloaded.

-- Lily R. Wu, LPF Issue Communicator

Oct 10, 2016