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Feb 3, 2011

Thoughts While Fasting

by Bonnie Block

I went hungry today,

So I remembered of the men at Guantanamo

who’ve been on hunger strikes protesting their unjust imprisonment.

I went hungry today,

So I thought of the people of Gaza and Haiti

who are hungry every day.

I drank only liquids today,

So I was reminded of all the women

who carry their family’s water for miles day after day.

I drank only liquids today,

So I prayed for all the children

who get sick and may die from drinking polluted water.

I had no food today,

So I mourned for the tens of thousands of people in our world

who die from hunger year after year.

I had no food today,

So I considered the families here in Wisconsin

Who have to rely on food pantries that may be empty.

I’ve fasted for twelve days – voluntarily and temporarily

So I know how immensely privileged I am.

Tomorrow thankfully, I’ll eat again

But please oh God,

Keep me hungry for justice,

Make me thirsty for peace.

I wrote this on Jan 21, 2011, the night before the end of a 12 day liquids only Fast for Justice called by Witness Against Torture to get Guantanamo closed, to insure transparency so we know if this monstrous practice continues, and to demand accountability for all those complicit in torture. (