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Nov 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is America’s time to gather with friends & family to share a delicious feast. It involves giving thanks for having enough food to eat and having people with whom one can share love, reflections and good company.

One would think that in a country of such enormous abundance and wealth that everyone would be able to share and enjoy plenty on this national holiday, but a recent report found that almost 15 percent of U.S. households had trouble finding enough food in the past year. While we can certainly attribute this fact to the recent economic downturn and rising unemployment, another study showed that even before the recession began, more than two-thirds of families

with children who were defined as “food insecure” under federal guidelines contained one or more full-time workers. Food banks and meal programs are stretching themselves to the limit to serve more people impacted by increasing hunger in America.

Lutheran Peace Fellowship has a new project to help support and train volunteers in U.S. hunger programs called "Lutherans and the Hungry Poor." This project has great potential to help by offering effective support, resources, and workshops to strengthen and expand a crucial element in Lutheran hunger programs: the core volunteers and leaders.

LPF’s expertise in these areas has such respect that we’ve been awarded a $9,300 matching grant from Wheat Ridge Ministries to support our work. This means that your donation to LPF for this project will be matched in full! The dollars we contribute this season will bring in an equal amount of much-needed support to assist hunger programs nationwide.

We also offer the following free online resources to raise awareness of and take action to end hunger in America, and throughout the world:

Hunger Resources

Hunger Awareness Meal - This experiential meal illuminates hunger and poverty in the world.

Hunger advocacy: Here´s how you can make yourself heard

Hunger and Development Links