Mar 14, 2014

Giving up War for Peace, Worship and Nonviolent Action at Beale Air Force Base, CA

Are you "giving anything up" for Lent this year?  A group of Christian peacemakers in California took action in an Ash Wednesday civil disobedience to urge the U.S. to give up drones for peace. To turn away from war to work for peace, justice, and the healing of the earth.

In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. 
“My body is tired but my soul is rested.”

Former LPF Board Chair, retired Lutheran pastor and former U.S. Marine Jerry Pedersen participated in the interfaith worship service and was arrested during the nonviolent direct action against drones at the gate of Beale Air Force Base. Military drones which are remotely controlled by satellite from bases in the US have repeatedly killed and injured scores of civilians abroad.

Actions of faith and conscience are good for the soul.  Rev. Sharon Delgado reports:
"We were quickly detained by Beale officers, taken to the guard station, cited, and released. When entering the station I greeted the officers with the words, 'Peace be with you.' We all treated each other respectfully and with good humor, with the understanding that they were doing their job and we were doing ours." 
"The young guards were impressed with Jerry's military card, which shows that he was part of the Honor Guard on the U.S.S. Missouri during the WWII surrender of the Japanese. As we were arrested, supporters were singing 'I'll be rested when the roll is called,' with the names of people who have worked for peace and justice through the ages. May it be so for all of us. May we find rest for our souls in the midst of the violence of our times."
You can read more about this Ash Wednesday Anti-Drone Protest and Arrest and statements of the issues here:, also see KCRA’s coverage of the service here, and a video of the arrests below:

Rev. Sharon Delgado speaks:

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