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Apr 9, 2013

A New Vision of Peacemaking – LPF strengthens its core focus

Lutheran Peace Fellowship held four conference calls in recent weeks with LPF leaders in every part of the country.  We discussed issues we care about:  gun violence, conflicts around the globe, militarism. . . -- and how LPF might be more effective in confronting these challenges.  We also discussed how we can make the most of LPF’s national gathering this summer to strengthen our program and our connections and friendships with one another.
More of what we explored is shared in a new resource entitled, “A New Vision of Peacemaking” – and a letter to you and LPF members more widely. Here are some highlights:

  • To strengthen our core focus:  to confront violence and war, militarism and injustice; and to share the alternative Jesus taught – the biblical vision of Shalom, of active nonviolence. 
  • To support LPF members in taking effective action on today’s pressing issues – gun control and soaring military budgets, veterans’ issues and youth facing military service. . . .
  • To share LPF activities and resources with friends and co-workers, and also with our congregation to encourage their use in adult forums, youth group, etc.

We also noted that in some cases, there are relatively few Lutheran voices lifting up these issues and offering advocacy opportunities and resources.  LPF re-committed to changing that.  You can help Lutheran congregations, groups, and leaders better support peace with justice.  Share the New Vision resource, consider attending the national LPF gathering this summer. For more information, click on the links above.