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Dec 3, 2012

LPF Winter Update and Advocacy Alert,

. . . Urgent Advocacy Update

Dear friend of peace with justice,
Please respond to -- and pass on -- this Urgent Alert. We have also created a version that is easy to print/copy formatted 3 to a page for sharing in the congregation. That version is at the end of the Winter Update that explores a few other timely topics. 
Blessings and Peace! Glen Gersmehl national coordinator, Lutheran Peace Fellowship. Please also see the following related links:

Peace is Knowable!

In her Aeon magazine essay on December 6, "What Is Peace?", anthropologist Margaret Paxson tells how she wanted to study communities that were "resistant to violence, persistent in decency." She asks, what if peace could be "defined within a regular, real kind of social world" rather than milk and honey at the end of time? What if peace was something we could really know?  She tells the rich story of a cluster of villages in France that rescued thousands of Jewish people during WWII.  She went to visit -- and learned that peace is knowable.    

Be a social scientist for a moment.  Read this intriguing, very readable essay and get a "handle" on peace in a new way.  It's just the kind of thinking we love to lift up at Lutheran Peace Fellowship, to inform and inspire us all for action in the name of the Prince of Peace.   See

Thanks to Don Johnson for having found this essay and sharing it as he did.  Don is the director of Project Connect, an initiative of the Eastern Cluster of ELCA Seminaries for young adult vocational discovery. 

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